As a Non-Executive Directer, working at a Board level, Fatima has helped to inform funding and new business priorities, revenue goals and targets, the development of new services and markets and recruitment and HR processes for the next 5 years. The work has been instrumental in supporting our organisation’s strategic development and growth.

Sonia Ramanah, Managing Director,
StreetVibes Youth.

Sukha's ability to communicate and engage with all levels of staff in the organisation and working with challenging stakeholders, enabled the successful delivery of desired outcomes.

It was important to have a ‘calm head’ to deal with a very challenging timeframe and complex programme of change. Sukha displayed real ability to deliver and was invaluable in achieving our go-live, for what was, a major change programme for the council.

Barry May, Head of Customer Services,
London Borough of Camden.

Sukha took on board all our requirements prior to coming up with specific interventions that were incisive and impactful. In addition, they had a great empathy with issues facing the public sector so there is a real sense of partnership in their approach. I would recommend Sukha to colleagues and peers and I would certainly use their professional services again.

Andy Wong, Head of Organisational Development,
Transport for Greater Manchester.

Sukha is very highly regarded by us. Since 2009 Sukha has worked with us on a number of major change initiatives including our approach to developing a high performance culture; engaging our senior and middle manager populations in our transformation agenda; all managers developing a more coaching style of leadership; the engagement of over 2500 staff in our organisations vision and values. The best indication of how highly we regard Sukha's contribution is the fact that we keep coming back to Sukha to secure their support on new assignments.

Mike Cooke, Chief Executive,
London Borough of Camden.

I enjoyed the one-to-one setting because it allowed me to speak candidly about matters I was reluctant to discuss with my friends and family. I was able to discuss areas of my current work and future career plans and agree on goals to get me where I want to be.

Through the coaching, I was able to re-evaluate my strengths (realising I had more than I thought) and re-design my CV to focus on these. I am now able to confidently use this CV to market myself.

I was also able to address what I thought were weaknesses in my work and personal life and I have been working towards turning these into strengths so that I engage myself more effectively, particularly at work. I also find that I’m starting to make firm, well considered decisions in my private life. Throughout my coaching sessions with Fatima, I was able to speak openly about myself. We tackled areas I was always afraid to discuss and I’m a better friend and colleague as a direct result.

Personal Coaching.

The coaching made me more aware of my natural management style and habits and the things I needed to work on in order to become a better manager.

I gained the confidence to take charge and tackle situations that I may have previously avoided. I was able to explore different techniques that I could use in a safe and confidential environment, and then review what had worked well for me and what hadn’t to then build on this for the next challenge.

I firmly believe that if I invest my time in coaching my team, they will be more motivated and better able to perform at higher levels.

Executive Coaching.

The sessions Fatima provided made a good difference to the team. She has a confident style of communication; is able to step back and bring a great deal of impartial and objective observation. This resonated with the team and helped it make positive changes, individually and together.

Team Coaching.