: strategic & operational Human Resource Management

Human resource management is critical to the success of an organisation.

Gone are the days when HR was solely about implementing processes and managing employee relations. Adding value at the transactional level, improving administrative HR tasks, managing outsourcing and shifting to ‘self service’ for managers provide a sound foundation. The demands on an effective HR function are however to change the conversation from meeting operational needs to informing and being included in strategic discussions; understanding business needs, adding value through people analytics, and leading organisational development.

Working with the HR function we bring a combination of tools and skills to improve the operational arena and open up the space in which HR practitioners can contribute to the strategic debate while having the soft skills to get people to speak with them, hear what is being said and embed this into the development of the organisation.

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Human Resource managers and staff need a set of capabilities – knowledge and skills – that ensures a relationship between:

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