:realising your potential

Sukha's 'Realising Your Potential' programme concentrates on helping you identify your goals, and then clarifying and quantifying the steps that you need to take in order to reach them. Though personal development may seem like an intellectual exercise to the uninitiated, at Sukha we believe in strategies that are firmly grounded in the practical.

Drawing on a growing body of work in neuro-science and behavioural psychology, the programme introduces the participant to the principles and skills that, over a period of time, can show results in bringing about personal change and success.

Working with both small groups or through a one-to-one coaching relationship, our Coaches’ introduce participants to the key areas of:

  • The psychology of success - what it looks and feels like
  • How we help or hinder our own aspirations
  • Identifying where we spend time and effort in our lives
  • Creating detailed visualisations of goals, in order to make them more tangible
  • Enhancing resilience, so setbacks can be weathered
  • Building a support structure of people who can help build and sustain your success

I gained a sense of possibility. It’s easy to think ‘this is never really going to happen for me. I’m content, it’s all OK.’ In fact, it instilled in me a sense of outrage. Of annoyance for settling for less, and a purposeful determination to get going.

Realising Your Potential.

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