: personal effectiveness

Skills and abilities alone do not predict performance, but what you believe you can do with what you have, under a variety of circumstances, has the greatest impact.

Albert Bandura

All change begins at the personal level. Increasing self awareness of our current processes and actions, exploring what may be getting in the way of our personal success, the impact we have on others and they have on us, our resilience levels and how we use our internal resources, can help to identify where we pay attention and effort to bring about change.

We work with individuals, groups and teams to identify and understand where they are now, their goals and aspirations, and the principles, tools and the techniques that when applied consistently and over a period of time, can show results in bringing about personal change and success.

This approach underpins our coaching, mentoring and career planning conversations and is at the heart of our signature programme, Realising Your Potential. Where appropriate we offer MBTI, 16pf and other psychometric tools.

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