personal coaching

Our clients come from all walks of life, but have one thing in common:

A realisation that they may need some practical, impartial support in order to reassess and target their life goals.

This process allows our clients to ensure that they are devoting the necessary time and resources to what is truly important and to strip away what is superfluous. In turn, this focuses their abilities and talents towards creating realistic and tangible aims - and the practical steps needed to achieve their goals.

At Sukha, our belief is that any work we undertake with clients should be self-sustaining. At the end of our coaching period, clients should have the necessary tools to engage in long-term growth, leading to greater fulfillment and a true sense of purpose.

executive coaching

At Sukha, we work with leaders, business owners, managers and individuals in order to maximise their workplace performance.

This coaching delivers tangible results; developing an individual's impact and therefore, increasing their effectiveness.

We help our clients to assess their abilities, assisting them to transform their talents into real strengths that improve overall productivity.

Promoting an employee's growth as an individual, means that their worth is recognised and celebrated. Sukha believes this sense of value is instrumental in allowing individuals to develop and flourish.

We develop close working relationships with clients based around enhancing the qualities of clarity, vision, direction and communication. This increases an individual's aptitude in managing their own performance and makes them better able to utilise their strengths to the fullest. We seek to increase their personal efficacy and empower our clients to unleash their potential and those they lead.

team coaching

Teams comprise of disparate characters with differing skill sets and diverse opinions on how things should be done.

At Sukha, we use team coaching to develop a sense of unified purpose, whilst respecting the value of the individual. We also work with individuals, to help them to become more effective team members.

We work with teams to cover best practice techniques on working together in a happy and harmonious workplace. We seek to establish open, supported and respectful dialogue, allowing every team member to have a voice. This is the first step in building protocols of agreed behaviour that promote positivity, productivity and progress.

Sukha team coaching consists of defining a common purpose, introducing standards of excellence, designing procedures for allowing people to progress, streamlining the integration of new processes and developing effective strategies for any other leadership and operational challenges a team may face.

ILM approved centre

If you would like to speak to one of our coaches with regards to personal, executive or team coaching, please call or email us today.